As a 40+ woman, you have everything within you to be the best version of yourself. But do you really make the most of what you have got?

Just the way you are, at your best.

  • When you look in the mirror, you see a body that is changing, the first few wrinkles and it makes you feel insecure …
  • Your busy days are weighing you down, you are desperate for more energy and time to yourself and you want to overhaul your life …
  • Your wondering how to optimize your feminine energy in your leadership…
  • You are ready for a new relationship or you want to breathe new life into your existing relationship, but you still doubt yourself too much …

Does any of this sound familiar? At iBLOOM, I will coach you to more energy, more confidence and more elegance. So you can fully bloom and become the best version of yourself.


Go for a lifestyle that brings out the best in you.
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Invest in your outer appearance and feel yourself bloom from within.
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Remove obstacles and discover who you really are and what you really want.
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I believe my age is irrelevant.
I’m 57.


Does it seem strange to see these two statements alongside each other? To be honest, I wasn’t sure at first whether or not to mention my age. Why would I if it doesn’t matter to me whatsoever?

Because I realise that age is just a number when you feel younger than you actually are.


From the inside out, from the outside in

It’s not just your face that reveals your age. Or your body. You feel it mostly on the inside. And what you feel is reflected on the outside. That’s why, as a coach, I don’t just focus on the inside – your emotions, your thoughts, your values – but also on your appearance. The two go together hand in hand. They are inextricably linked.

And I’m no exception to this, of course. So far, my life has been an exciting journey during which I have always tried to connect inside and outside.

Who am I?

I want to live every day to the full.
I want to keep learning, keep experiencing what life has to offer.
I champion female leadership.
I love sports and yoga.
I live for beauty in all its forms: flowers, art, fashion, dance, architecture, music, literature …
I’m mum to Maurice (21) and Madeleine (16).
I used to work as a language teacher.
I used to be an international model.
I have taken several coaching courses worldwide.
Today, I coach 40+ women who want to bloom.


That’s me. All these statements tell you something about who I am. They tell you everything … and nothing. Because, what is my attitude to life? What goals do I still want to achieve? A person is so much more than just a list of what they like and have done. To discover all these facets of yourself, that’s an incredibly exciting journey!

Connection as the main theme

The most important thing to me, personally, is to feel connected to others, because I’m connected to myself. This gives me a lot of feminine energy. And I have learnt that this energy is infectious. I also believe that this energy is needed to create balance in the world. And this is exactly why I got into coaching.

I help 40+ women discover their most radiant selves and bloom. So that they, too, can walk this same exciting path. So that they can connect inside and outside. So that they are brave enough to be and show their true selves 100%.

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For more information about my training and experience, please visit my LinkedIn-profile.

Every woman is unique.

This means that I don’t work with standard formulas at iBLOOM. I do, however, start from three well-balanced packages. Which package suits your personality and expectations best is something we will explore during a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Over six coaching sessions, we will be working on one specific facet of your most blooming self: energy, emotion or elegance.

1 x E

Over eleven coaching sessions, we will be working on two specific facets of your most blooming self: energy and/or emotion and/or elegance.

2 x E

Over fifteen coaching sessions, we will be working on all three facets of your most blooming self: energy, emotion and elegance.

3 x E

Interested in coaching with iBLOOM?
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What can you expect from coaching with iBLOOM?

  • A mirror that helps you discover where you are today
  • A sounding board that helps you discover where you want to go
  • A listening, non-judgmental partner
  • An action- and goal-oriented approach
  • A boost to your female leadership
  • Clear, transparent agreements
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Hands-on tips and advice
  • A personalised approach
  • A short-term approach for a lasting result

Good to know:

With every package, you can also book an optional wardrobe check and personal shopping session. This allows us to match your new energetic inner beauty to your outer beauty. Just the way you are, at your best …

How old am I? Who cares!
I’m old enough to leave fear behind me and do what I desire and feel.
(from a poem by José Saramago)

Bloom through your energy, emotion and elegance
Feeling good about yourself? That takes guts! Because you can only feel good if you are true to yourself. If you allow the best version of yourself to bloom. And that means you have to invest in your energy, in your emotions and in your elegance. Three facets I will work on with you at iBLOOM.


Take care of your body.
It’s the only place you need to live.
(Jim Rohn)

Eat, sleep, move. After ‘breathe’, the three most important verbs in a person’s life. But the question is not whether you do this, but how you do this. Anyone who really wants to feel at their best starts by rebuilding the strength Mother Nature has given them. Revive your feminine energy by eating healthily, sleeping well and moving enough.

At iBLOOM I help you adjust your lifestyle, so you can reap the benefits you want. And, I don’t just provide practical tips. Through concrete advice and motivational coaching, I help you find a lifestyle that suits you and that you can maintain. This allows you to bloom into who you really are.


What you think and what you feel
and what actually manifests
is always a match.

Down and up, up and down. Do you recognise this emotional rollercoaster that can derail you both at home and at work? It sweeps you up in a spiral of fatigue you can see and feel in your whole body. It arises because you no longer know who you really are and what you really want. Because certain obstacles are holding you back. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

At iBLOOM I help you take a super-important step: to believe in yourself. Who are you? What are your values? What do you want from life? What are your dreams? Together, we will take the step from today to tomorrow. The things you no longer want today, teach you what you do want tomorrow. I coach and motivate you to find your most radiant self.


Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.
(Coco Chanel)

Every woman is elegant. In her own unique way. So are you, of that I’m sure. And yet, I notice that in many women, this elegance is late to bloom. Or stops blooming because of the menopause. And because they no longer feel good in their skin, they  mask their bodies. And yet, clothing has been a means to communicate and form of self-expression throughout the ages. It is the perfect way to “wear” your female power.

This is why, at iBLOOM, I will work with you on a fit body, radiant skin, polished hairstyle and a suitable, sassy dress style. We will go for the fresh and beautiful look you deserve. And I promise you: by working on your outside, you will feel yourself bloom from the inside.



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iBLOOM customers share their experiences

At iBLOOM, I coach 40+ women to more vigorous feminine energy, a boost in confidence and a unique elegance. But don’t just take my word for it, read what these ladies have to say about their experiences with iBLOOM:

“My experience with iBLOOM was an exciting adventure because Marleen helped me transform. She showed me the way to a better me.”
(Sophie Van de Venne)
Read the full testimonial

“Marleen knows exactly which buttons to press to instantly make a difference. The whole journey was a wonderful investment in myself, one I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.”
(Florence Vannoppen)
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“I felt an instant connection with Marleen. She really listened to me, asked the right questions and focused on balance. I’ve just turned 46 and this is the best and most balanced I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you, Marleen!”
(Sophie Donnet)
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“Marleen’s authentic approach gave me a really good feeling during the coaching sessions. Her experience and knowledge provided the boost to make a considerable difference through small, realistic changes.”
(Monique Lauwerys)
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You want to be more than the first wrinkles you see in the mirror.
You want to live your life full of energy and confidence.
You want to feel balanced and happy, in your existing or new relationship.

In short: if you are a 40+ woman and want more energy, more confidence and more elegance, I would love to get to know you during a free, no-obligation introductory meeting. Very casual, accessible and without any pressure.

Are you ready to take the first step towards the most radiant version of yourself?

During this meeting, you will tell me where you are at in your life and where you would like to go.

During this meeting, I will tell you about my vision, approach and packages.

Do we click? Great, we can start working together and plan your first coaching session.

How do I know which iBLOOM package is right for me?
During a free, no-obligation introductory meeting we will explore together which package – SPRING, BLOSSOM or BLOOM – is best for you.

Can any 40+ woman get coaching with iBLOOM?
Any 40+ woman who needs and wants to work on herself, remove the obstacles that hold her back, and take her future in her own hands can get coaching with iBLOOM.

How do I know which facet – energy, elegance or emotion – I should focus on?

What you see outside, manifests itself inside. How you feel inside, is reflected on the outside. In other words, the three facets on which the iBLOOM approach is based are very closely connected. They influence each other.

I usually start from the facet you would most like to work on, because it bothers or worries you the most. The rest will then follow almost naturally.

Let’s say that you feel very insecure because you think that you are a little overweight and find it difficult to deal with the wrinkles you see in the mirror. In this case, we will start from the ‘elegance’ pillar. But by working on your appearance, you will also quickly feel that you are getting more energy. Often, you will feel a little more emotionally balanced as a result. The reverse is also true: if you invest in your fitness, you will not only get more energy, but it will also make you look more radiant and feel more confident.

What do you understand by ‘elegance’? Because I don’t think I could ever be elegant …

Every woman is elegant – or has the potential to be elegant – in her own individual way. The trick is to discover elegance in yourself. That is something I’m happy to help you with. The word ‘elegance’ encompasses many meanings: femininity, sophistication, good taste … For me, it mainly means that you have to be brave enough to be seen. Whether you are 16, 36, 46 or 66: you carry a form of elegance within you. Don’t be afraid to show it!

Can I get coaching from you when I suffer from burnout or depression?

If you are currently depressed or suffering from burnout, I’m not the best person to help you. As a coach, I mainly focus on the future, not the past. And it may be important to your recovery to explore the causes of what you are going through more deeply. I’m happy to refer you to specialist therapists in my network. And quite possibly, I may be able to support you to more energy, more confidence and/or more elegance in the future.

Why should I pick you as a coach and not someone else?
I’m a certified coach with a lot of life experience. I live according to the values I want to share. By doing so, I want to be an example to the women I coach. Feel free to take a look at my full LinkedIn profile.

But who better to tell you about the added value I provide than the women I have already coached … Why not read their experiences and decide for yourself if you would like to meet me in person during an intake meeting?

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