Testimonial Sophie Van de Venne

My experience with iBLOOM was an exciting adventure with Marleen helping me transform in two ways.

Since hitting my forties, I’ve been asking myself questions about how to deal with ageing and the impact it has on various aspects of my life. Marleen taught me to look past these fears and the stereotypes associated with ageing. With her help, I have been able to radically change my old-fashioned views on this. Her calm approach encouraged me to think for myself while at the same time challenging me to stay on track.

She also helped me wrap my head around her ‘outside in’ concept. With a great deal of patience, energy and kindness, Marleen managed to inject more sass into my look so I could feel more feminine and confident. It wasn’t easy, but she helped me make the right decisions, accept changes and become a more radiant version of myself.

If like me, you want to bloom or learn tips and tricks to become the best version of yourself, I can wholeheartedly recommend Marleen’s coaching. She showed me the way to a better me.

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